This page documents Hardwar Upgrade IM (UIM). On this page:

10.1 Introduction

10.1.1 IM?

For more than a year after the unofficial release of U3 fans produced patches to make the betas playable. Then on 31 August 2004, former developer Ian Martin reappeared on Zedo's forum with the message: "I am totally stunned by the continued support after 6 years. Having just spent 30 minutes on Hammer's game, I feel I ought to at least try to help. I cannot release any source, and don't have the latest Hardwar source anyway, but may be able to patch the latest patches, as it were. ... I cannot make any major innovations to the game, but will attempt to cure problems." Later he commented: "I have no realistic plans to do a Hardwar follow-on, but am enjoying giving 2-3 evenings each week, to fix and enhance a game that consumed my life for (too long) some years ago." The result was the nearest thing there will ever be to an official U3 patch - Upgrade IM ("Upgrade Ian Martin"). Unlike the original Hardwar E (see Are there any patches for the U3 betas? What is Hardwar E? above), which is based on U3 beta 5, UIM is based on U3 beta 4. This means UIM will tend to have slightly fewer features than U3 beta 5, but a lot more stability.

10.1.2 Where can I get UIM?

Try . The patch can be applied to any full version of Hardwar - there is no need to apply earlier patches first.

10.1.3 What UIM versions are there, and what features do they add?

A full list of features and changes can be found in the game's readme.txt, which is updated after installing the patch. A summary is provided below:

After UIM.06, Ian abruptly stopped making forum posts.

10.1.4 What is UIM Enhanced?

UIM Enhanced evolved from Hardwar E (see Are there any patches for the U3 betas? What is Hardwar E? above). Max and smurph have continued to write patches/addons for UIM. These contain a range of bug fixes and tweaks, such as AI respawning, hangar queue fixes, and correct hangar names. Ultimately we hope that many of these features will be implemented within UIM itself. UIM Enhanced can be downloaded from . Max continued to develop Enhanced until the end of 2005 - the most recent patch can be found at . However, UIM Enhanced remains technically unstable, and so is not commonly used for online games. Max made the source code for Enhanced available here, .

10.1.5 What is MSGC?

MSGC combines the server-restart features of ASROC, with some of the game stability features of Hardwar E/UIM Enhanced (revival of thugs/taxis/police, financing police, cleaning of dead pilots and hangars, autodock, queue-busting, and selling to player hangars). The utility is still being actively developed by Duncan. Like ASROC, it need only be run by the server host. It can be downloaded at - although the latest versions are being hosted elsewhere - (June 2007). The name of the game needs to be manually set in the config.txt file.

10.2 Gameplay

Many of UIM's "new" gameplay features come from Upgrade 3, and are explained in that section.

10.2.1 What terminal commands does UIM support?

UIM is based on U3 beta 4, and therefore does not support commands that only existed in U3 beta 5. Since this is confusing, I've created a list of UIM terminal commands. This list now also included known UIM Enhanced commands (see What is UIM Enhanced? above). For details on how to use these commands, see Terminal Commands and Scripting in the U3 section above. I've written commands in capitals for clarity, but unless noted, they may be typed in any case. Note that where parameters/arguments are used, typically they take the form command (space) subcommand (comma) value, with subsequent values or subcommands separated by commas, for example "hangar stock,narcotics,buy,10". Unless otherwise stated, commands listed apply to all UIM versions:

10.3 Technical

10.3.1 Can I load an old saved game?

Check the game's readme.txt for precise compatibility, since this may vary by patch. Generally UIM will load games saved by earlier UIM versions or U3 beta 4. Network games often require client and server to be running the same UIM version.

10.3.2 After patching [something] stopped working, or I get the message Hardwar not installed. Why?

Check all the settings in the launcher. Where an option has been changed by the patch, such as the joystick throttle or graphics, older settings may not have been applied correctly.

10.3.3 Must I use DirectX? Must I use a Direct3D compatible 3D accelerator (video) card?

Yes, if using UIM.02+. UIM.01 was the last version to allow 3DFX Glide or software rendering. 3DFX card users should (from the readme), "select Direct3D. Users of an old 3DFX pass-through card should select Secondary Display." UIM requires at least DirectX 9.

10.3.4 What do all these display options do? How can I improve visual performance?

UIM adds various graphical features. It tries to retain backward compatibility for older machines by allowing many of these features to be toggled on and off. If you are running Hardwar on a machine built before 2002/3, you may need to alter the settings for certain additional features to make the game run smoothly.