This page offers a simple overview of the plot, and addresses specific problems. For a basic semi-official walkthrough, see Phil Eckford's (one of Hardwar's testers) walkthrough, or . If you are looking for a detailed walkthrough with tips and forward planning suggestions, I recommend Zedo's, .

Plot critical emails are marked with asterisks either side of the subject. Most events within the plot will only start once the player decides to start them. There is no need to complete the plot, indeed you can play forever without plot related changes by ignoring the Port Decoy. The plot is only available in the single player game, or to the game's host in a network game.

The plot can be completed in 21 days, but don't worry if it takes a lot longer. Use spare time between missions to develop your character (cash, moths, hangars, etc), because completing the plot using a starter moth will be very hard.

If you are playing a version of the game without the video, you may have problems understanding what is happening, because key instructions are only given via video sequences - refer to Arago Fett's Plot Video Transcripts in the appendices.

On this page:

4.1 Crash

4.1.1 Overview:

4.2 Port Decoy

4.2.1 Overview:

4.2.2 How do I target the Mass Driver Part?

Target the Mass Driver initially by selecting Target Subject from the email. When you are close look for a moth marked "Laz Repair" - the mass driver part will be on the ground below. Fire at the part close up and you won't need it targeted to hit. If you wish to target the part you need to have installed target level 3 software beforehand, which allows objects on the surface to be targeted.

4.2.3 What are the garbled messages about?

Around this time you will start to receive email messages from the Abandoned Terminal, none of which can be read. Save them for now, Xavier Lazarus will translate them for you much later.

4.3 Mystery Package

4.3.1 Overview:

4.3.2 What does the Cloaking Device do?

When flying below 100 feet, your ship will be masked on radar. This is indicated by a blinking red margin of your radar HUD.

4.3.3 Can I remove the Cloaking Device?

No. You must be flying the moth you want to fit the device to during this mission. Consider delaying this mission until you have upgraded to your preferred moth.

4.3.4 How can I tell I have the Cloaking Device?

Fly below 100 feet, and watch to see if your radar HUD flickers. There will not be any other indication on your ship.

4.4 Secret Bases

4.4.1 Overview:

4.4.2 What do the secret bases look like?

The Lazarus base is set into a cave in a large rock formation, close to water level. It has a large red Lazarus logo on the door. The Klamp-G base is probably harder to spot because although out in the open, at first glance it looks like a set of storage containers. The secret is to look for a series of large containers running east to west, with a slightly larger structure at the western end. The larger structure is the base.

4.5 Procure Trigger and Matter

4.5.1 Overview:

4.5.2 Why do the gang transports only ever carry one thing?

If you kill a transport, the next transport that gang sends out will buy the same (missing) item. Continuous killing of transports may therefore net you a lot of one of the three cargoes, and none of the other two. When you see a transport loaded with something you don't need, let it go. Consider protecting it from other pirates if you are having real problems here. When the moth comes back for another cargo, it should buy a different item.

4.6 Base Attack

4.6.1 Overview:

4.6.2 Can I attack both bases?

Yes, if you are a little underhand. If you return to Psycho Bobs 1 without completing the mission, and without a Tac-Nuke, Bob will fit another one. So, by attacking one base and not recovering anything initially, or by swapping moths half way through the mission, and then returning to Bob's, you can get enough Tac-Nukes to enter both bases. Attacking both is clearly harder, but will give you additional Origin Unknown.

4.6.3 How do I sell surplus Origin Unknown?

All the Origin Unknown you return to Psycho Bobs 1 with will be taken from you. However, you only need 1 unit to complete the mission. Since Origin Unknown sells for $99,999 in the original versions, it is worth trying to sell any excess before completing the mission. Note that recent patches have changed the value of Origin Unknown to $1 (from Ouch). In the first instance try to sell to trading posts. Not all will have enough money to buy, and none are likely to buy more than one unit. Buying a few high price items from a trading post will give them enough cash to buy the Origin Unknown from you. If you can't sell all the excess, or don't want to waste time now trading, don't unload it into your hangar because you won't be able to reload it. Instead jettison it and pick it up later. You are the only pilot with a Super Drone, so it should remain where you left it.

4.7 Gang Boy (Optional)

4.7.1 Overview:

4.8 More Trigger or Matter

4.8.1 Overview:

4.8.2 Can I use Trigger or Matter I have already?

Yes. Indeed this is the safest way to complete the mission. Load up one unit, jettison it, and then immediately salvage it again. If scavengers cause a problem, jettison the cargo in a tunnel - AI pilots won't salvage things dropped in tunnels.

4.9 Port Clearance with Tac-Nuke

4.9.1 Overview:

4.10 Port Clearance with Big Bob

Before starting the final series of missions, consider making a backup of your saved game (copy the .sav file outside of the game). If you complete the plot the game will end, however you may wish to continue playing as an open-ended game. Reverting back to this position will give you that option - all you need do is ignore Psycho Bob. It can be hard to break out of the plot much after this point, and you should expect to play these final missions as a series of mad dashes.

4.10.1 Overview:

4.11 Psycho Bobs Closure

4.11.1 Overview:

4.12 Rescue Syd and meet Xavier Lazarus

4.12.1 Overview:

4.12.2 Why do I have a cargo of BodyParts when I leave the Prison?

This only happens if you have a pod fitted. They might be regarded as part of the story - you may have noticed the weird meat (bodyparts) related humor, and perhaps this is the last laugh. Krool comments: "I reckon that the
body parts are probably what's left of either Bob, or Syd." Well, I didn't like to say it... You can, and probably should, jettison them once you launch, because they will slow you down and attract pirates.

4.12.3 How do I get into Lazarus Hightower?

The hangar is very close to stall level. While all moths can get there eventually, some, such as poorly equipped Silver-Ys, may struggle. But then, what are you still doing in a Silver-Y after 20 or more days of play ;-) ? Try climbing at a very gentle gradient when close to stall level, and when you get a stall warning nose down slightly, stop, and wait a moment. The important point is not to actually stall while getting close to the hangar. Take the whole operation very slowly, climbing in several little steps. Using this method you can get a Cell #1 Silver-Y to an altitude of 2419 feet without stalling. You can open the doors to the hangar at this height, but you can't casually fly in. The trick is to get the doors open, then very rapidly fly into the hangar, ensuring the stall occurs once your moth is inside the hangar. Attempting to dock with a Cell #1 Silver-Y is very tricky, so some level of upgrade is recommended. There is a myth that you need a Fusion Cell or a certain type of moth for this, which is not true.

4.13 Final Run

4.13.1 Overview:

4.13.2 I keep on dying before I reach Port. Any hints?

Don't waste time leaving Syd's Workshop. Keep at full throttle throughout. Don't stop to engage your attackers - you don't have any guns anyway. Travel via Gamma, since the route is shorter and you can skirt round the edge of Gamma crater to avoid most of your attackers.

4.14.3 Can I use the Monorail to complete the final run?

No. At least not in U2.04. You take the monorail to the Abandoned Terminal, but nothing then happens.