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3.9.1 What types of aliens are there?

Here is a list, with descriptions and notes on location, map colour, special vehicles and strengths:

3.9.2 How strong are alien forces?

The table shows the typical firepower values of alien vessels, and typical orbital defenses, at the time you can first meet them (December 3427 for most, two months earlier for Garthogs). This table is intended to give an indication of relative combat strengths, not an absolute guide:

Comparison of Unit Strenght
Race Ship Firepower Orbital Defense
Flagship Destroyer/Cruiser Base Gun
AFT 285s ? 2/3 Meson
Dargslans 1060s 445s 2/3 Meson
Dribs 580s 410 2 Plasma
Ecaleps 760s ? 2 Meson
FNS 595s 345 2/3 Plasma
Garthogs 145 30 1 Ion
Morgaths 430 ? 1/2 Plasma
Sulleps 675s 360s 2 Plasma
Ychoms 340 115 1/2 Meson
Captain 30s 1 Ion
Commander 300s 100s 1 Plasma
G Admiral 1200s 920s 3 Meson


3.9.3 What do the relationship numbers mean?

Numbers on the diplomacy table indicate how 'good' relations are between aliens, from 0 (hate) to 100 (harmony). Values below 20 make war likely, values above 80 are often associated with alliances. War status is shown as red on the table, alliances shown in white.

3.9.4 What do the diplomacy options mean?

You can talk to alien ambassadors at any time, except for a short period after you last talked to them (they will be shown yellow on the diplomacy screen if this is the case). If you select a screen and then decide not to pick any option on it, click the right mouse button to go back. Some or all of these options will be available:

From time to time other alien races may contact you to propose one of these options, or ask for money. When they are attempting to contact you, an exclamation mark ("!") will be displayed next to the race name on the diplomacy screen.