Change of Domain

I have combined my personal writing and profile onto one domain, If everything works as planned, all the old links and content will redirect to this new location: You won’t notice the change.

Why change?

When I started writing ‘blogged content 6 months ago, I wasn’t entirely sure what I would write about, or whether I would keep posting enough content to make the site worth reading. I am still writing my thoughts and ideas – the only glue that ties the content together is me. So hosting them – quite literally – under my name seems appropriate.

I have had some form of personal internet homepage since the last century: Originally the page was hosted on Geocities (we all start somewhere), and for the last 7 years at In the past unusual names were a distinct disadvantage: Few know how to spell or say my surname. But on the internet an unusual names makes one easier to find. It should be time to exploit that advantage; not that I need to: I already hold the top position on Google’s search results for my surname, Howgego.